Well here I am; wandering out into the unfamiliar terrain that is blog. 

Will I get lost in the bloggy wilderness, never to return back to the world of real conversation? Will I just decide that I want to turn around and go back home? I suppose that only time will tell.
I must admit, that until recently, I wan’t fully aware of what exactly a blog was. It was the suggestion of a friend (a self-confessed blog-stalker) that led me here – she seemed to think that the things that I fill my time with, are the same kinds of things she reads on others’ blogs. My initial reaction, after looking a bit confused, was that how on earth would I find the time to type up what I’ve been doing in between being wife, mother of two, work and doing stuff. (Stuff translated: cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, illustrating, foraging and so on…and on.)
Anyway, after the seed had been planted, I had a browse of a few blogs, some of which were by working mothers, wives, crafty bakers etc etc. Whilst they were very interesting and I could feel myself being sucked into the blog vortex, part of me was screaming, “How on earth do they find the time!?” The other part of me quietly whispered, “If they can find the time, so can you.”
And so the whisper has remained there, getting louder with each day that passes as I fill my time doing things that would be blogtastic! Okay, so maybe I’m getting a little carried away….
Well here I am; wandering out into the unfamiliar terrain that is blog.

About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

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  1. jennastobbs says:

    Oooh so excited and glad that you’ve finally joined the blogging world! Looking forward to the next post! X

  2. peasepudding says:

    Welcome to the Blogisphere! It’s starts with whisper but becomes an obsession, I have become the collector of things for my blog, a ‘prop junky’ so now has a wall unit dedicated to displaying them. Look forward to hearing your journey.

    • snozcumber says:

      Hello! I can feel myself being drawn in. Blogging will probably appeal to my obsessive nature! My pictures at the moment are pretty novice (poorly being taken on my phone) – I will be considering props and presentation in the future – Thanks for the tip!

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