Free furniture? Yes puh-lease! May I share with you my new FREE desk. Yes, you heard it right, I said FREE!

We were on our way out to do some rosehip foraging with the kids yesterday, and drove past the local ‘junk’ shop. Now when I say junk shop, I really mean ‘hidden gems’ shop. I have found some fantastic little treasures in there over the years, from a solid wood dining table with 6 chairs for £50 to various retro kitchen ware. Often they have a designated area for things that can be taken away for free, and as we drove past my eagle eyes spotted a painted chair in the ‘free’ area. I persuaded the hubby to turn the car around so that I could get a closer look. Within less than a minute and we were back at the shop but the chair had already gone!

I figured that as we had made the effort to turn around I may as well have a quick look around anyway, and found a chair (pictured above) which I bought for £5. The hubby found a load of old glass bottles in the ‘free’ section which he gathered up for school (to use in still life projects). As I walked back to the car, I looked back to the ‘free’ area and saw that desk. It didn’t take long for the hubby and I to convince ourselves that we could do with a desk and that we might find space for it in our already crammed house, so into the boot it went!

A while back we decided to turn half of our dining room into a play area for the kids. It was our attempt to stop toys from being left strewn across the living room and kitchen floor. It never really happened that way…..So I have converted the messy play area into a sewing corner for myself! It looks reasonably tidy now, but when I get my sewing machine set up and sewing projects underway it probably won’t look too dissimilar to the messy play area.

There’s something quite satisfying about changing furniture around. Perhaps I should have done the before and after photos to give you an idea of how much I had to contend with. I am aware that there is a patch of sanded floorboards…the hubby did a tester to see how easy it would be to sand back the floorboards, and in his wisdom chose  a really obvious spot to do it in. I’m thinking a future project of making or thrifting a rug for my sewing area is on the cards.


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  1. You git!!! I’ve been checking out the tables in that place for the last 3 weeks and nothing has been suitable as a work table (even to purchase) and you go and get a bloody free one!!!

    • snozcumber says:

      oops! M said he thought he’d seen it for sale earlier in the week, but looks like shop is jam packed at the moment.It’s a little on the wobbly side if that makes you feel any better!? I will keep a look out if anything else for you.

  2. Jazz Hands says:

    Nice! Getting freebies is awesome! What’s your first sewing project gonna be? Got plenty of time to make some nice x-mas stockings. And by the way….where did the toys go???

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