I’m afraid I can’t take full credit for the free finds in this blog – they are all down to my lovely hubby. Alas, our favourite junk shop had more give-aways in the free section a few weeks ago and hubby just couldn’t help himself. Firstly he picked up a lovely wicker chair for our ‘office’. I say office, but really I mean the spare room. It does have a futon for guests and a desk, but we rarely have guests and its so bloody cold in there that we sit in with our laptops balanced on our knees in the living room rather than face the bitter cold at this time of year.

Snoozing cats

Snoozing cats

Of course when anything new enters the house, our two cats have an immense sense of curiosity, which usually leads to them sitting on it; as if to announce their ownership. I got home to find our fat cat Mia Bear snoozing on the chair with Rory McGrory perched just above on the radiator.

Queen Mia Bear on her throne

Queen Mia Bear on her throne



Mia Bear is a Cat Diva, and has built up a bit of a reputation for her flighty temperament over the years. In fact, when our friends visit, they often play a game of ‘Mia Roulette’…. I think I got a little too close with the camera on the last shot. Any closer and I may have lost an eye.


Another of the freebies my hubby came home with was what he described as “a machine of some sort”.


I was intrigued as I opened up the grubby grey case as to what I would find inside. What I did find was an interesting array of knobs and dials labelled with German, which my basic high school German could not translate. When plugged in it appeared to be working, the reels were turning and it has a cool little light that glows when you press one of the various dials. My 4 year old son had great fun pressing all the buttons and turning the dials.


My best friend Google informed me that this machine was in fact a Vintage Grundig TK25 tape recorder. I also saw one being sold at about £55, so we didn’t do too badly to get it FREE! I find it too interesting an object to shove it away somewhere (as it probably was judging by the thick layer of dust on it). So I gave it a good clean up and found a spot to display it in amongst some old cameras. One is a Kodak which belonged to the Hubbys Grandad, and the other is one we picked up on a trip to Prague some years ago. The shelving unit (which is built-in and would happily rip out to put a nice piece of furniture in), is also home to SOME of my West German vases and other nik-naks . Like the hubbys bronze cast Benin figures (I LOVE THESE!)


Freebies are marvellous. What thrifty freebies have you found? Please do share!


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  1. […] didn’t take a close up picture of it, but maybe I will add one later…silly me! My poor West German vases have been shunned to the sides of the fireplace, not getting any action. What does one do […]

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