Cotton is quite pricey these days, so I have been keeping an eye out for nice cotton bedding in the Chazza shops that I can use for my sewing projects. I found this lovely Laura Ashley cotton bedspread for £2.50. I’m planning to use it for a patchwork quilt that I want to make. That is if I ever get around to it!


Laura Ashley cotton bedding for £2.50

I also picked up a cool retro pinny for £1.


Some artificial embroidery silk at £1 for several  packs (perfect for my crimbo crafting).


A set of 4 pyrex jars for £3, which I bought because I thought they would make the kitchen look nice and festive during the Christmas period. It turns out that Hubby can NOT stand them, so I think they may have to be taken off display when the festive season is over and done with…


And there you have it, my chazza shop finds from November!




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