I call my mum Mole, Moley or Mother Mole. To my children she is known as Grandma Mole. Some years back (way way back) my siblings and I decided that our mum resembled a mole and the nickname kind of stuck. You might think it’s a cruel jibe of some kind, but to attach nicknames to people is a trait that I have learnt from Mother Mole. It’s more a way of showing endearment towards people rather than being cruel. It was infact my own Mother Mole who first cottoned on to the Snozcumber nickname for me, she calls my brother Goofy Woofy and my sister is a.k.a Slobsy and we all call my dad The Wart.

Moley referred to my best friends at School (Natalie and Hannah)  as ‘Nat the Rat’ and ‘Hannah the Spanner’. Other names she has kindly changed have been Claire-Bear or Chocolate E-Claire, Laura Pakora, My sisters hubby Stuart is Stew-pot….. I think you get the idea!

My mum quite likes being The Mole, and any post she sends me always has a scrawly childlike drawing of a mole on the back of it.

For the past two years she has been asking me to make a draught excluder for her birthday, out of scraps of material, and being my usual organised self, I just hadn’t found the time ( two children and a PGCE are my excuse).

This year was the year I finally made it – but rather than just a scrap material one – it had to be a mole one.

Here are a few piccies of what I made!

stuffed and ready for the hands to be sewn on.

stuffed and ready for the hands to be sewn on.




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Yorkshire born and bred.

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