It’s that time of year again! The Christmas decorations have been dug out of the loft and dusted off for the season of jolly.

Throughout my childhood we had the same 1 foot high, plastic tree, with a scrap of tinsel with which to decorate it. How I dreamed of having The Christmas Tree, as I nosied at the highly decorated, 6ft, real trees through the windows of just about everyone else on the street. Being quite a crafty child, I would make decorations for our tree (Mum refused to buy any). I have such fond memories of making them – one year I made a Santas head with a drained out egg shell, a bit of paint, cotton wool and scrap material. I was so proud of it, that I made a couple more to give to the elderly neighbours. Sadly I don’t have any of them now – I think they got thrown out when my parents moved house. Sniff, sniff. 😦 On the plus side, I have slowly begun to build up a collection of handmade decorations made by myself and my boys. 🙂

In my third year at University I picked up the Chrimbo-deco making bug again and have managed to keep hold of some of them! I still have Rudolph, complete with golden painted twig antlers and Lindt Bunny bell. There’s also the Three Kings of Orient, referred to as “The King, the Queen, and the chef” by my 4year old. How he makes me chuckle! Then there’s the decoration that no tree could do without; The Demented Angel topper. I have considered beheading her to replace her with a pretty, less crazy face…..but I quite like that she has a mad look about her.



After a lull in making decorations, I made up some salt dough and made my festive gingerbread people. A few have lost limbs, but here’s a selection of the few I have left. I really had fun doing these, but they took me AGES!


Then there’s some more ‘grown up’ salt dough decorations, some of which I gave away as Christmas gifts too.


And of course, there’s the decorations made by the children over the past few years, from salt dough to pasta shapes. I want our Christmas tree to bring back happy memories for them, as it does for me. They loved being involved in decorating the tree this year. We may not have a colour scheme as such and the decorations may not be hung symmetrically, but my 4 year old hasn’t stopped commenting on how very amazing and pretty our tree is, and that’s enough for me.



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  1. jennimoo says:

    Love seeing your decorations, especially the salt dough. Going to make gingerbread men salt dough with my 2 year old, but they won’t be as lovely as yours! What paint do you use and do you varnish them?

    • snozcumber says:

      Thank you! I used Daler-Rowney acrylics, (but any plastic based paint would do the same job-just make sure the kids clothes are covered!) and finished them off with Plasti-Kote spray varnish. You can colour the salt dough with food colours, or make them aromatic with cinnamon(I’ve done this before but they must have all broken last year as they’re nowhere to be seen). Make sure you store them in a sealed container if you want them to last for a few years – some of mine that weren’t properly stored had gone soggy this year. Hope that helps! Have fun making your Christmas memories!! x

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