Barn owl

Last Christmas, my sister very generously bought us a Family Falconry Experience at Coniston Estate. It was her way of saying thank you for all the baby equipment and clothes we passed on. Both my boys love animals, especially Noah, who definitely takes after his namesake!

After a year of waiting for Noah to grow a bit (he turned two in September), I finally booked a date for us to go – the first weekend in December 2012. I’m glad I held off, as some of the eagles there are big enough to eat little Noah for a snack, and Finnian would be the main course! Needless to say, we didn’t fly any of them!

We had a beautiful day for it. Even though the temperature was a very cold -4, the sun was out to warm us up slightly. We flew three birds, all owls, starting with a friendly little barn owl, aptly named Barney.


Barn Owl

Big son and barn owl

barn owl 2

Then came a slightly bigger bird – the Bengal Eagle owl! He was quite a greedy one and gobbled quite a lot of the dead chicks – which didn’t phase the boys at all. This was definitely my favourite. I just love the colours and markings on the feathers. Beautiful.

Bengal Eagle Owl


Bengal Eagle Owl2

Bengal Eagle Owl Feet

Bengal Eagle Owl profile




After looking at, and being told about, some of the other birds at the centre, we flew a rather large eagle owl inside the barn. It was about the same size as Noah, but surprisingly light for its size. Apparently owls become somewhat dim-witted as they grow in size, so he was a bit slow to realise when food was being offered. Another beautiful bird none-the-less.

Eagle Owl


Afterwards we went back to the restaurant, where we all warmed up and had fish and chips which was included in our experience package. A FANTASTIC day out, and one that we will definitely remember for years to come! Thanks big sis!


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