Mama Sloans’ kitchen (a.k.a me in my kitchen) started early this year, making jams, syrups and cordials with all sorts of foraged goodies. I gave one of my rhubarb and ginger jams as a birthday gift for my ‘friend’ (the word ‘friend’ said in a high pitched Inbetweeners manner-she will ‘get’ it). I had so much fun making the label for it, that I decided to make more for my Christmas gifts.

I used gouache and indian ink for my labels, a medium that I have been fond of since I first used it at art college.  My first gouache illustrations were initially fashion illustrations which soon became 70’s characters that I invented, heavily influenced by my love of everything 70’s!

Since then, gouache and indian ink have been my first choice when making gift cards and such like. For my food label, I seem to have created some sort of corporate identity with the colours and logo – something that I will continue for future foody gifts!






About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

4 responses »

  1. Winter Owls says:

    Your labels are really mini works of art, just lovely!

  2. Stephen Hughes says:

    Great label design and love the print

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