I wrote this over a month ago, but I’ve only just added the pictures! I must be more organised!

You can only imagine how excited I was when Hubby came home with a free vintage vegetable rack. That’s 3 of my favourite things in one go; vintage, kitchen-ware and free! Whoop, whoop!

Apparently the technician for his department at work has been clearing out the store cupboards (something that hasn’t been done for a very, VERY long time), and was about to throw the rack away *horrified gasp*. Thank goodness hubby spotted it and saved it from the bin *big sigh of relief*! He also informed me that there were two singer sewing machines also hidden in the deep, dark, depths of the store cupboard. I did cheekily ask if I could have them, but he’s keeping them to use for still life drawing. 😦 He reckons that the two Singer machines I already have are enough. I think not!

I scrubbed the thick layer of grime and dust to reveal a vintage cream colour. As much as I did like the original colour, it wouldn’t really have suited our kitchen. Red seemed like a good colour choice instead, as I had decided to display the rack underneath a painting, done by Hubby in his University days.painting

When I Googled ‘Tala vegetable rack’, there were two images which came up. One of a green one on ebay for some daft price, and a red one on a blog. I thought the red one looked pretty cool, so red was most certainly the way to go!rackpainting

So out came the red spray paint, and up went the rack! Hubby saw some of the pictures I took and described it as onion porn….???








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  1. Love this…if you find it missing one day it wasn’t me……. Oh and where did you put all the pots? your sink isn’t normally that clear! (only joking….love ya really snoz) x x x x

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