I came across the mother of all bargains a couple of months ago. I just happened to be passing THE ‘Junk’ shop, and I saw the man with the van unloading something big from the truck… pun intended.

I stopped. I stared. How could I not? The sheer battered beauty of a vintage trunk was being placed to rest just before me. I felt like I was in a Hollywood Movie, where Fate had brought me my One True Love. My eyes ran over the curves of the wood, leading me to the delapidated luggage stamps, and my, oh my! Oh! Oh! The leather handles! I wanted it. I wanted it BAD!

The trouble was it was so close to Christmas and the trunk was rather grand in size. I battled with myself for a while as I stood just staring (with a little dribble stringing from my mouth):

” It would be handy to store my masses of fabric…..But it’s too big and there’s nowhere for it to go….I could make a space for it somewhere….It is nearly Christmas, you shouldn’t be buying things for yourself…But it’s not for me, it’s for the house….Hubby will have a fit….He won’t take my Precious, we will kills the Hobbit first….”

I thought if I found out the price, then I could walk away knowing that it was far too expensive and that would decide it. It turns out that the bloke only wanted a fiver. Yes. A fiver. How could I possibly have walked away from it! So off I ran to grab some cash and giddily, though somewhat slowly, carried the big lug of a trunk home. 

I recently had a further sense of smugness when I discovered a retro shop selling similar trunks for around £55-65.

Anyhow, check out my tasty ‘bad-boi’ trunk!

















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Yorkshire born and bred.

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