vintage bird stamps

I love birds. The feathery, beaked, winged sort. I’ve done a fair few illustrations of birds in my time. Infact in my University days I used to take myself off to Manchester Museum, as all young University students do, and draw the stuffed birds they have in the glass cases.

As part of the ongoing decoration of our hallway (by ongoing I mean we started 3 years ago and haven’t finished it yet), we’ve been collecting some vintage prints of birds to display alongside some of my own bird illustrations. We’ve also been rummaging in the charity shops for frames in which to display them in.

When I came across a basket full of vintage stamps in the charity shop this week, I just had to get them. I’m slightly on the indecisive side and after 20 minutes of going through the packets of stamps again and again…..and again, the lady on the counter grabbed a pile and “decided for me” as she put it. She also knocked down the price to £3 from what should have been £8. I’m still not quite sure if it was out of genuine kindness or she had grown so fed up of me that she wanted rid.

For my £3 I got over 600 vintage stamps from Czechoslovakia, USA, Indonesia, Poland, France, Malaysia and Japan. Because I am super cool, I sat at home that evening going through them one by one and picking out the bird ones (yes, I did)…..(no, I’m not a loser,)….(no, I didn’t have anything better to with my time).

I found this frame which hubby picked up in a charity shop for £2 last year. I painted it in some of the paint we have used for our hallway, stuck down the bird stamps and voila!

The hallway isn’t quite ready for it to be hung yet. Maybe in another 3 years time…..

stamps 4 stamps1 stamps2 stamps3


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  1. jennastobbs says:

    Wow, I like the stamps but I absolutely love that frame!!!!

  2. Winter Owls says:

    What a lovely idea, the stamps displayed together really have a presence.

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