It’s not a Lloyd Loom, but it’s not far off. A fraction of the price of THE vintage wicker of choice at just £5, from the one and only favourite junk shop. It’s been the season for welly-bobs recently and I’ve grown so sick of tripping over all the wellies in the hallway, that I needed  (to find an excuse) to go into the charity/junk shops and look for a solution to my problem. I must be enough of a regular customer, as the guy in the junk shop knows me all too well, and threw in an embroidery hoop as an added bonus.

The green/gold/floral chintz seems to fit perfectly with my ALMOST newly decorated hallway. Although I have no ambition to repaint it, I’m still undecided on what to do with the lid.

To re-upholster or not to re-upholster? THAT is the question.

There’s even a part of me that has considered using up some of my vintage stamps to recover the lid.

So what should I do? I am open to all ideas and suggestions!!

wickerbaskettop wickerbasketinside


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  1. Winter Owls says:

    I love the top and wouldn’t reupholster it if it’s clean or can be cleaned. However, I’m sure my husband would want it reupholstered as he hates pretty things. I have to sneak them in when he’s not looking!

  2. […] wicker bedside table/cupboard from the FREE pile at my local junk shop. It perfectly matches the vintage wicker basket I picked up from there a while ago. It’s just missing a glass panel on the top, which I can […]

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