I made this for my friends who ‘officially’ got married in 2011; official because they’d had a religious wedding a few years beforehand, but this was  the legal registration their marriage!

What amazes me about their wedding is just how incredibly thrifty it was. They found a stunningly beautiful venue which was free (only had to pay for the catering) and the Bride and Groom wore outfits made by the Mother of the Groom.

Me and the hubby helped out too-  he did the photography, while I helped tie together the bouquet (a few stems bought from the florists), did the Brides make-up and made the cake.

When they first asked me to make the cake, they weren’t too sure what they wanted – something simple/plain was the original request.

I wasn’t having any of that.

After a bit of pressure, they found some cake toppers of a bride dragging a groom down the aisle that they found  amusing. I still wasn’t going to have them buy a cake topper though. Firstly, the cake toppers are all caucasian (my friends are asian). Secondly, the Grooms’ outfit was a traditional Asian kurta-salwar, not a black suit!

So I made the figures to resemble them – including their outfits, and their little girl.



Job done!


About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

4 responses »

  1. Winter Owls says:

    Such a hilarious wedding cake, you’ve got me laughing!

  2. Jazz Hands says:

    The wedding cake was exactly what we wanted! All our guests had a giggle when they saw it. It was perfect! Thanks snozcumber!

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