I’m having an affair. What’s worse is that I’m brazenly flaunting my new found lust in front of my loved ones. In fact, it’s taken centre stage on the fireplace. It’s a Carn Pottery vase that Hubby bought me for Christmas. It’s just LOVELY and about the closest I will get to Troika. Unless I win the lottery. If I start to play the lottery. In my wisdom, I didn’t take a close up picture of it, but maybe I will add one later…silly me! My poor West German vases have been shunned to the sides of the fireplace, not getting any action. What does one do when they’ve been unfaithful? Give flowers?


The white West German vase in the middle here was another Christmas gift from the Hubby. As was the paperweight below. I love the pattern and colours of the paperweight. It looks very much like a Baccarat…I should be so lucky! If it was a Baccarat I’d be ditching the West German’s, dumping the Carn pottery and merrily strolling into the sunset with the pretty ball of glass instead….



About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

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  1. jennastobbs says:

    Love it. love how bright your living room looks and the painting goes so well with your vases. X

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