One of my very good friends had a ‘village fete’ themed wedding for which I made the main wedding cake. She had seen the hand-painted cake that I had made for my mother-in-laws 60th, and was certain that she would like a handpainted cake for her wedding too!


I used the wedding stationary for inspiration, which was adorned with sweetpeas and birds – all made by her very talented and crafty mother.


The three tiers were all madiera cake, with each tier having a different flavoured jam inside. I painted the bottom tierwith sweetpeas, the middle tier with British birds, and on the top tier I wrote the lyrics to their first dance song, by Micheal Buble.




It truly was a beautiful wedding, complete with bunting, wild flowers, gramophones, handmade stationary…. I could go on FOREVER telling you about it, but it’s already been summed up rather nicely by the wedding planner. To find out more click here.






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Yorkshire born and bred.

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