This is my first magpie Monday post! Sharing my shiny, thrifty find! Click on the link to see what other treasures people have found this week!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Though I have six of you, I’m not vain at all.

In just two months, we’ve accumulated six mirrors. Is that excessive?

I feel obliged to explain that it wasn’t vanity that led us to have six mirrors; more the opportunity to grab a bargain while it was there. That’s not to say that the mirrors won’t ever be looked in. It’s rather difficult to walk past your reflection and not to a catch a glance. Like when you walk past a car window or a shiny shop front. EVERYONE does it. Don’t they? I check my own reflection in car windows every morning on the school run. I’m always in a major rush to get there, so I don’t always remember to check that I don’t have toothpaste down my chin, or that my headscarf has been tied properly… I don’t always have time for a wash so I cover the greasy locks with a scarf. Not so vain now, eh!?

This mirror is the first of the six to go up, placed so that I can check for toothpaste dribbles just before I leave the house. It was a mere snip at £4 from a local antique dealer. When I first saw it, I was ready to paint over the gold, but when I put it up in the hallway it didn’t seem right to. I love the way it captures different things depending on where you look at it from. I don’t love how it makes me look an odd shape. Not that I’m vain, of course.

The other five haven’t been put up yet, but I will share the brilliant bargain-ness of them when I do.



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  1. camille says:

    Lovely mirror and such a bargain too…I have been looking for something similar for my youngest daughter, who’s bedroom NEEDS a ‘magic mirror’ apparently like in the fairy tales…lol

  2. Liz Burton says:

    Ooooh it’s lovely! I call these fairground mirrors – although I prefer the ones that make you look thinner and taller rather than shorter and fatter!

    We’re all a little vain aren’t we? I check EVERY MORNING without fail that I’ve remembered to change out of my PJs for the school run. Well, you’ve got to make an effort huh?


  3. […] so here is mirror number two, of six. It was picked up from the same antiques shop as the convex mirror for £4. It’s a bit of a heavy blighter, which is why it is propped up between the wall and […]

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