And so here is mirror number two, of six. It was picked up from the same antiques shop as the convex mirror for £4. It’s a bit of a heavy blighter, which is why it is propped up between the wall and an old sewing machine for now. Although, I do like the way that it reflects the sewing machines, so it may stay as it is while I try to decide what to do with it. Decisions! Decisions!

The Jones’ sewing machine was a Christmas gift from the Hubby, again from the same antique shop.  I know that there is supposed to be an unwritten rule about not telling someone how much a gift cost, but the Hubby couldn’t wait to blurt it out – £3.50! I think I love it even more, knowing that it cost so little! The Singer machine is one I have had for nearly ten years now, and was bought for £5 from a charity furniture shop in Leicester. We’ve bought a few bits of furniture from there over the years, including the side unit pictured, which was a mere £25. The chappati mat was given to me recently by my Dad, who has had it in storage with some other bits for over 30 years. It was hand woven by my Grandma, which makes it particularly precious. The mat however is only keeping that side of the cabinet warm until I find another bargain sewing machine to display there! I need to bring balance to the force…hehehe, I got a Star Wars bit in there!

Finally, a blog post about a mirror would not be complete without a self portrait. Yoo hoo! My giant fingers are a bit claw like in this one…..


This is a Magpie Monday post! Sharing my shiny, thrifty finds! Click on the link to see what other treasures people have found this week!  This is a Magpie Monday post! Sharing my shiny, thrifty finds! Click on the link to see what other treasures people have found this week!


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  1. Liz Burton says:

    Sewing machines were such things of beauty back then weren’t they?

    I have a couple hiding in the loft, I really must show them the light of day.

    I think the mirror looks great just there, reflecting the machines – plus it saves getting out a mahoosive drill!


  2. I love the sewing machines! I have a similar one in our bedroom on the window cill I adore it as a piece of art! £10 though so you really got bargains!

  3. Gina Caro says:

    I have the same Jones sewing machine and I love it. The OH found it for me in a junk store, buried underneath a load of old stuff. He payed £10 for it, which I thought was a bargain but £3.50 is fantastic!

    • snozcumber says:

      It was a very good price. Saw an article in my friends copy of Pretty Nostalgic who reckon that reconditioned ones go for £50 to £100. I love a bargain too much to ever pay that!

  4. Andrea says:

    Your photography and beautiful sewing machine look amazing.

    • snozcumber says:

      Aww, thank you. I’m trying to improve my photography so it’s nice to know the work I’ve been putting in is appreciated! But then anyone could take a picture of these machines and they would look good!

  5. Colin Murdoch Studio says:

    This almost makes me wish I hadn’t shelled out on an expensive new Janome! These ones looks so much prettier!! Heather x

    • snozcumber says:

      They certainly don’t make them like they used to! I have a modern one to sew with- ugly looking thing, but it does more tricks! I’m sure your janome is fancy pants! X

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