teddy bear's picnic cake

What’s with the weather at the moment!? Snow!? In March!? I can not believe how cold it is, especially considering that this time last year we had my sons birthday party outdoors in glorious sunshine.

I’d left the organisation of my darling sons birthday to the last minute, due to being swamped down in PGCE work. It was one week before his birthday, and I hadn’t organised anything. When I started, I couldn’t find a venue! Feeling slightly panicked, I decided to choose the best venue there is….a free one….in the shape of a park!

I had asked the guests to bring along a teddy for the ‘teddy bear’s picnic’. I managed to  borrow a few bits of sports equipment from school so the kids could have a relay race and an egg and spoon race. A kids party is never complete without a game of pass the parcel (with music played from someone’s phone). I also did some face painting and a chocolate egg hunt amongst the daffodils. The kids had a marvellous time running around, climbing amongst the daffodils and hiding behind the trees. It made a really refreshing change to all the daylight immune, germ ridden, complacent parent, ‘soft play’ parties that we have been to – I hate those places!

spring time daffies

For the cake, my son was insistent that he would like lots of miniature ones like he had seen in a Debbie Brown book.  I took the idea and changed it slightly to fit in with the fact I had very little spare time to put it all together!

It was very convenient to not have to cut up a cake outdoors as each guest had their own individual mini cake boxed up to take away with them. I’d put an one on a separate smaller board, so that the blowing out of the candle would be easier too.

teddybearbirthday cake

So this weekend is party time again and it won’t be outdoors, so I will have my work cut out to top trump last year……..


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  1. bakedbyiris says:

    They are the most ADORABLE cakes. Love them.

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