Apologies oh Hubby of mine, put in your ear plugs, as I’m about to use a profanity. Can you hear me? No? Good! Now I can say it. Up-cycle! Oh, how he hates that word! I must admit, that it’s not a word that I would have used myself up until recently. It’s only through the reading of other blogs and trawling through Pinterest that I’ve allowed it to be used in my own vocabulary.

The object of my up-cycling is what I THINK is an old drying rack, from the school Hubby used to work at. They had a mahoosive refurbishment some years back, and in the process gutted (and binned) everything in the joint. Hubby managed to salvage some bits, which included two of these drying racks as well as a light-box chest and a big plan chest (which he keeps in his ‘studio’, aka ‘the garage’).  Hubby doesn’t recall the racks ever being used, so for all we know, they might just be old LP boxes or something!?

I decided to use my immense stash of vintage stamps to decoupage the top with. I left it at this point for a while, as my indecisiveness had got the better of me. Should I add more stamps? Paint it? Leave it?

vintage stamp decoupage

In the end I decided to stick with the ‘global’ theme, and decoupage the rest with the front covers of old National Geographic’s.  We picked up the National Geographic’s from a charity shop  donkey-mahonkeys years ago. Both the hubby and I have an appreciation for the world around us, for the visual….and a for a thrifty, cheapy, charity shop bargain!

national geograhic covers

more national geographic covers

So behold! A once unloved and unused piece of school art room equipment, that has been UP-CYCLED into a bookshelf, coffee book table and somewhere to rest my cups of tea!

coffee table books and cups of tea

a stash for some books

the upcycled school drying rack


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  1. Winter Owls says:

    You clever thing, you!

  2. […] thought I would expand my decoupage skills beyond vintage stamps and covers of National Geographic, to include maps. I’ve seen loads of cool ideas on Pinterest, where maps have been used to […]

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