Okay, so before anybody gets too excited or carried away by the mention of a Brazilian in the post title, stop right there! The cake in question was for a five year old girl, who happens to have a father who is from Brazil.

princess cake

I offered to make the cake as a gift for my friends daughter. I do have to admit that I did have a slightly selfish motivation in offering to make the cake….because for years I have wanted to make a doll cake! I have two sons, so the likelihood of them ever wanting a princess cake is somewhat slim.

I first saw a version of a princess cake when in a bakery with my mum. It was during the period that I was planning my wedding, and my mum and I had a running joke that that I should have one for my wedding cake, or rather two. One made to look like me in my dress, and another made to look like my husband to be (He wore a kilt). Needless to say we didn’t have that as our wedding cake.

I know that my friends daughter loves princesses, so what better opportunity! I got the doll from the charity shop for £1, and luckily she had lovely brown skin and black hair to match the little girl who’s birthday it was! And yes, dolly did have a nice long soak in a bath of steriliser fluid (borrowed from the hubby’s beer making kit).



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