Nine days of no computer time. No blogging, no reading  of blogs, no emails, no pinterest, no twitface (twitter) and no face-ache (Facebook) and absolutely no google. Not EVEN Angry Birds Star Wars. It’s been mightily refreshing to not read the same old, same old of social networks and to not lose an entire night staring at a lit up screen. Instead I have spent my evenings armed with a range of DIY weaponry for  battling with various pieces of rebel furniture.

The battered lamp shade as it was before

One of my assaults has been on this battered lampshade. It was a gift from a friend about ten years back, and for the past 5years it’s been ‘underground’, waiting patiently for a resurgence.

The vintage stamps were deployed successfully, and served their country well – I used Czechoslovakian stamps for this Tour of Duty.

revamped vintage stamp lamp

Myself and the stamps are now enjoying some much needed R&R.

Yours truly, Colonel Snozcumber.


About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

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  1. jennastobbs says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t spy this little beauty today!!!!!

  2. Stunning! And a good reminder to us all that sometimes its good to take a break from the computer and actually DO something ;0

  3. […] thought I would expand my decoupage skills beyond vintage stamps and covers of National Geographic, to include maps. I’ve seen loads of cool ideas on […]

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