Okay, so I confess it. I am a teensy weensy bit of a Star Wars geek. Other names I used to get called at school were ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Eighties Throwback’. It may have had something to do with the Darth Vader rucksack I had strapped to my back and my super cool retro ski-jacket….and the Darth Vader watch ….and the Star Wars pin badges….

As I said. Just a little bit of a fan.

My enthusiasm for Star Wars has transferred to my 5 year old son, who I have been brainwashing with Star Wars knowledge since he was about 2. I think his knowledge of Star Wars may actually top trump mine now. He is a Massive fan of the Star Wars Lego games, and so for his fifth birthday he wanted a Star Wars Lego themed party.

I didn’t get carried away in the slightest (oh yes I did).

I had bags of fun making all the little Star Wars Lego figures which I tried to get as close to actual size as I could. It was very time consuming! I do wish I’d had more time to make all the studs for the top of the cake – instead I had to make do with printing them on using a lego brick.

Check out more pictures of the cake below, and I will be returning with some more pictures from the party at a later date!

May the force be with you!

ben kenobi these aren't the droids you're looking for star wars lego figures made sandtrooper front inside the cantina 2 inside the cantina jawas luke and droids luke and R2 sandtrooper backpack han and greedo greedo figrin d'an and the modal nodes edible lego chewbacca cantina band 2


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  1. Lily Wight says:

    This is incredible! I’m amazed you made the figures when you could so easily have stuck Lego ones on the cake. 🙂

  2. Winter Owls says:

    Amazing! I think Star Wars geek is quite a nice name compared to when one of my students once told me I looked like an Ewok, because my ears stick out of my hair…

  3. […] The cake was the Mos Eisley Cantina. It took me about three days to make, but was definitely worth it to see my little boys face! Check more pictures out here. […]

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