All dressed up!

I got slightly carried away when planning my son’s Star Wars Lego themed birthday party. It took me days to make the cake alone, so Hubby thought that I was slightly insane when I announced that I would be making a Piñata, Jedi costume and my own labels for all the food and party favours too.

I was somewhat stressed out on the actual party day, trying to ensure that everything ran  smoothly, that I didn’t manage to get pictures of everything that I would have liked. However, here’s a brief summary of what I did for the day.


The menu for the party was in keeping with the Star Wars theme, of course! I made labels for all of the food, sourcing images of the Star Wars Lego characters from the Internet.

Palpatine Pizza was the main course with some Droid Chips for nibbles.

Drinks included Vaderade, Yoda Soda and C3PO H2O.

Pudding went down a treat; Hoth Ice Cream with Wookie Cookies, Cloud City Mallows and space rocks!

yoda soda wookie cookies vaderade star wars lego party ice cream toppings C3PO H20 hoth ice cream


The cake was the Mos Eisley Cantina. It took me about three days to make, but was definitely worth it to see my little boys face! Check more pictures out here.

STAR WARS LEGO MOS EISLEY CANTINA CAKE these aren't the droids you're looking for han and greedo


My son was adamant that he would like a bouncy castle. I couldn’t find a Star Wars one to hire, so instead we opted for an underwater themed one and passed it off as an underwater Gungan city.

I made a Death Star piñata which the kids loved beating up with lightsabers.

There were activity corners (although the bouncy castle was a firm favourite) with Star Wars Lego colouring sheets and a suitcase full of lego for a Jawa’s Build-a-Droid.

death star piniata


Most party bags given at parties are full of plastic tat that ends up in the bin by the next day. It’s all so expensive to buy too. I decided instead I that each guest could have an Easter egg instead. I chose a Rolo egg, and made personalised labels for them as Han’s Rolos.

Star Wars Lego party favours - Han's Rolos easter eggs


The whole family got into the spirit and dressed up for the occasion. I borrowed a handmade Princess Leia costume and got a cheap Leia wig to finish the look off. Hubby got a Darth Maul mask online, and wore a black, Indian Kurta Salwar for his costume. Little son wore a Darth Vader costume that we already had in, and the birthday boy wore a Jedi Tunic and Robe that I made for him (perhaps another future post).

All dressed up!


Because I had made labels for the food, I didn’t buy into all the expensive Star Wars paper cups and plates. Instead I bought bog standard Smart Price ones, and chose a colourful table cloth and napkins. The cups again were clear plastic cups which I jazzed up with some of my sons Star Wars Lego stickers.

All in all, it was fantastic party, which my son described as “The best Star Wars Lego party EVER.”


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