I’m doing it again – blogging from the iPad. See it as an act of bravery, courage and resilience. It is not at all down to laziness and lack of effort. I mean, I COULD go all the way upstairs to get the laptop, and walk all the way back down again, turn it on, then blog. That would require a whole lot of effort and the use of my legs, which to be frank are quite comfortable where they are, right here on the sofa, thank you very much! I hope you will forgive my lazy slug ways when you see what freeby goodies I have picked up this month…for FREE!

Free wicker furniture

I managed to grab this wicker bedside table/cupboard from the FREE pile at my local junk shop. It perfectly matches the vintage wicker basket I picked up from there a while ago. It’s just missing a glass panel on the top, which I can live with. It’s currently next to my sewing table, while I decide wether I will attempt a paint job on it….or not….?

Bentham pottery mugs

I also had a rummage around in a bag of other random bits to come away with two Bentham pottery mugs. I bought a Bentham pottery set a few years ago, of which Hubby has managed to break all the mugs and plates for, so was pretty chuffed to find them For FREE!

Queens fine bone china

I also found these two teacups. I’m not really a chintzy teacup sorta gal, but they were FREE, and are currently holding some chilly plant seedlings. They are Queens fine bone china (if that means anything to anyone).

What thrifty finds…or freebies have you found lately?





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Yorkshire born and bred.

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  1. thismumrocks says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a great junk shop! And your chilly china cups are a great idea :). I picked up free computer desk with wheels over the weekend. Think I might make it into a roadside stall

    • snozcumber says:

      It is great, it’s all stuff from house clearances, so a lot tends to be of a certain age. Oooh! What wares will you be selling on your trolley?

      • thismumrocks says:

        Am thinking about some little gardening bits. The brick fence is quite French looking and would lend itself well to some red geraniums. It appears there will also be a bunch of excess kindling/fire starter cabbage tree leaves that could easily be bundled and bagged. Still in the early stages, am also thinking about succulents

  2. Melissa says:

    I love that you used tea cups for plants! Great idea! I recently found a kids school desk in someones trash. I was pretty excited about it.

    • snozcumber says:

      I have had to ransack my cupboards for as many teacups that I can find….I’ve sown a few too many seeds! Cool, I love old school desks. Does it have things carved into the top? I saw a desk on your blog- is that it?

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