It seems that every time Hubby leaves the house on his own at the moment, he comes back with additional thrifted extras.  He’s quite the jammy toad and has a knack for grabbing some great stuff. His penchant for thriftiness is beginning to show me up somewhat, so much so that I am considering evaluating the title of my thrifty posts. He is thrifty – and he knows it! I am rejoicing at his thriftiness this week, as he rolled up home on Thursday with a  smug look upon his face, a Deco style chest of drawers and a solid oak chair in the boot of the car. The reason for his smugness is that he’d managed to get them both for free! I told you he was jammy!

art deco chest

Yet again, the local junk shop has done us proud with some remarkable freebies. I can’t get over the fact he was getting rid of them. The drawers are beautiful and have found a home in our bedroom, right underneath a mirror- also picked up for free from the same place.

art deco chest 2

I’m quite excited to have a rummage around the house (and possibly some charity shops) for some objects to display on it. Inside one of the drawers is a label for “Mayfair Cabinet Works, Sunderland”, which I think dates it to the late 40’s or early 50’s? I’ve had to give the whole thing a jolly good scrubbing, but the inside of the drawers are still a little on the smelly side. I’m thinking a thorough dousing of bicarbonate of soda might do the trick, but I am open to alternative suggestions for ridding them of pong!

a chair

The oak chair is good and solid, and has also found a home in our bedroom. apparently there were two of them, but Hubby only had space for one. He picked the best, as the supports were broken on the other. I plan to reupholster it, and possibly paint it. Hubby disagrees with the painting idea though, he says the wood it’s too nice….

a chair and cat

Of course, as always, the cat has claimed the new chair as her throne.

Again, I’m sharing my (the Hubby’s) thrifty finds by linking up with these fabulous blogs. Click on the links to see what other shiny thrifty treasures have been found this week!

image image image


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8 responses »

  1. That is a gorgeous chest of drawers… and the kitten is lovely too!

  2. Winter Owls says:

    Gorgeous chest of drawers! Try putting stinky drawers in the sunshine and wipe them with tea tree oil (although that will give them a different smell)

    • snozcumber says:

      Thanks for the tip.The weather has turned on me now- we have rain! They’re not too bad after I cleaned them up, though I’ve popped some scented tumble dryer sheets in between my clothes just in case! x

  3. That chest of drawers is so beautiful! I can’t get over the price… FREE!

  4. Meghan says:

    Nice score. I know that stuff isn’t vogue with all the modern styles everyone wants, but that is a great buffet.

    • snozcumber says:

      It’s great that others don’t want this kind of stuff. It means that I can get it for next to nothing….or nothing in this case! Thanks for commenting!x

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