LP Plant pot

In this years attempt to grow my own veg, I got slightly carried away with planting seeds. Previous years’ attempts have been somewhat on the unsuccessful side, so I’ve over compensated by planting gazillions of them. The method behind the madness – the laws of probability that at least one plant may survive and bare some fruit or veg would be increased. What I hadn’t planned for, was what to do with the gazillion seedlings as they grew. When I ran out of plant pots, I raided the kitchen cupboards and used teacups.

LP teacup plantpots

The poor little chilli plants are in desperate need of bigger pots yet again…..and yet again, I have no bigger plant pots. I have scoured the house for various objects in which to accommodate the growing plants, and had my light-bulb moment when I came across a bowl that I fashioned out of an LP for the Hubby a few years ago (a handmade Christmas gift!). So off I toddled to the Charity shop to fetch myself a record.


How long does it take to select a record which you are going to warp? Not long you say? WRONG. I was there for a good 20 minutes, until I came across this record. I love the kitsch carousel print, and thought I could find a frame and display it. The Hubby doesn’t agree with me on this one though, he thinks it is vile.

Anyway….I found a metal cup to rest my record on in the oven. Popped it in and turned it on to a heat of about 120 celcius. I sat and watched the oven TV until the record began to warp. I very carefully pressed in the sides to shape it, and left it out to cool.

LP ready for planting

There was no need to add any drainage holes, as there was already a hole in the middle. I filled it with compost, watered it, then transferred a plant from the teacup to the LP.

Now all I need to do is get myself to the charity shop for some more!

Have you any other ideas for up-cycled plant pots?


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  1. craftymadre says:

    What a great idea! I love making planters out of interesting objects (chairs and kids galoshes are my favorites) and I also love melting LPs. I made a bunch for my wife’s 35th birthday party and used them as chip bowls (it was a “Grease” theme) and I’ve made them into letter holders as well. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to use them as planters. Thanks!!!

  2. […] at home for nothing” from the comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me. I now have enough  LP plant pots on my windowsill to open up my own melted LP plant pot shop. Despite this, I still have oodles of […]

  3. Fab idea – we’ve dabbled in garden planter upcycling this year too – makes you look at objects in a new light ! 🙂 See our attempts at – http://therookieallotmenteers.wordpress.com 🙂

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