Pan, kettle and enamel jug

Hubby had the car in the garage at the weekend and conveniently found time to pop into the antique shop nearby. We’ve had quite a few gems from there in the past, and Hubby was not let down this time. Apparently the first floor is items now at a few quid, and the top floor is dedicated to things at just fifty pence each! Wowzers!

Vintage knitting needles

As well a a bundle of chisels that he bought for himself, he also brought home a few bits for me. The blue jug was a fifty-pencer, and the Hubby had actually bought it for himself for his paintbrushes. Before he knew what had hit him, I’d whipped the jug up and put my vintage knitting needle collection into it. A much better use for it I think!

Kitchen shelves

The teapot and copper pan were £3 each, and are sitting nicely on shelves amongst some of my other kitchen-ware.

Apologies for the fuzziness of the pictures again. I have been really busy lately, so taking quick snaps on the iPad is about all I can manage for now!

What shiny, thrifty treasure have you found this week? Click on the link to see what other’s have found this week!

Magpie Monday


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  1. TheMadHouse says:

    I adore the enamel jug. What a find

  2. Wow, what finds. And that jug for just fifty pence! 🙂

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