DIY cement plant pot

I am a tight-pursed Yorkshire lass with a streak of Mrs “I can make it at home for nothing” from the comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me. I now have enough  LP plant pots on my windowsill to open up my own melted LP plant pot shop. Despite this, I still have oodles of plants in desperate need of bigger pots which I refuse to go out and buy. Why buy them when I can make it at home for nothing. All I need is some cement, sand, water, old plastic bowls and a small aubergine…

prepare two plastic bowls

cement plus sand

mix in the water well

fill the base half full

squishy squashy

tip it and chip it

look at what you did!


Things to bear in mind when making a cement bowl:

Make sure you wear gloves to protect your delicate hands.

Don’t wear your best frock.

Don’t wear your best anything.

Put something down to collect any cement spillages. The stuff gets everywhere.

Only use a material that is non-hygroscopic (will not absorb moisture) for your moulds.

Have fun!


About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

3 responses »

  1. craftymadre says:

    This is a GREAT idea. Those planters are so expensive. I bet it would be cool with pebbles in it or dye in the cement (or both).

    • snozcumber says:

      I plan to mix in things for texture in my next one, though I hadn’t thought about using dyes – so thank you for the suggestion! I never thought I would be this excited about cement….

  2. jennastobbs says:

    But what was the aubergine for?

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