imageHaving recently made another wedding cake with lyrics to the first dance, it got me thinking about my own wedding music. There are several songs that bring strong emotions and memories of our very special day. It got me thinking more deeply into how music and lyrics evoke such vivid memories and emotions for various significant points of our lives.
Music has always played a huge role in my everyday life. Perhaps this is why it’s such an important part in the construction of my own autobiographical memories.

In light of this, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts – “Snozcumber Street: brought to you by the letter…”
For those who do not quite get the title (Jenna, ahem), it is a play on Sesame Street. My aim is to go through an alphabetised list of my life’s most significant songs. I thought it was a particularly apt title, because a lot of Sesame Street is presented in the form of songs and music (a brilliant way for children to learn and train their memory).

I will really have to restrict the number of songs I list- three is the magic number. It will be tough to choose, but here goes!

Today, Snozcumber Street is brought to you by the letter A!



This was the song that I walked down the aisle to. We married in an art gallery, and I get taken back there very time I hear it. Although, on my wedding day I was in tears as I walked down the aisle to this. Not because the idea of getting married was horrific, but I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and worry- my dad had a severe fall down some stairs the day before and very nearly didn’t make it.


Ella Fitzgerald

I first listened to Ella in my first year at University when I bought a compilation called “The Ladies Sing Jazz”. I loved the sound of her voice so mucho, thatI went out and bought a compilation of early Ella songs. It was one of those albums that I listened to in endless succession, infact it still is. This is one of my favourites for singing along to.


George Clinton

I was brought up on a mixture of glam rock and disco, so despite being a grungy, indie kid, I was drawn to the world of Parliament-Funkadelic (seventies funk) when seeking out music in my mid teens. Anything Funky soon became my new obsession. I was lost in a world of thick, heavy, rhythmic bass and psychedelic guitar riffs. I was compelled by the sci-fi utopia, the philosophy, the political, social and moral commentary and the large injection of humour and the ridiculous. I remember the pivotal moment of buying my first George Clinton album, Computer Games, and hearing this song. It was the first point at which it really dawned on me just how influential Clinton and ParliamentFunkadelic was in modern hip-hop and rap – which I had previously discounted in my grungy-indie-teen way. I suppose it was at this point I really began to look beyond a fixed genre of music, and began to really venture out into the wider world of music.
So what ‘A’ songs evoke emotions and memories for you?

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