The first harvest of peas

Today I tasted peas fresh from the pod, fresh from the plant, fresh from my own front yard. I’ve never tasted a pea quite like it – so sweet – and even sweeter knowing that they’ve been organically grown and sown by my little boy of 2 years old.

The peas were the first thing to have been sown in this years quest for ‘The Good Life’, but they were slow to show their green, sprouty faces. I thought that my decision to buy the cheaper Asda kids brand of peas at £1 had backfired on me for a while, but alas we have our first harvest, with plenty more flowers and pods to swell.

Bizarrely, peas used to be the first thing my eldest son (now 5) used to eat on a plate. Somewhere along the line, he’s heard someone refer to peas being ‘like bogies’ and has refused them since. Despite my best efforts to involve him in podding peas (bought from the greengrocer) last year, and the fun he had doing it, he was still reluctant to have them. I have managed to break through this year, as he thoroughly enjoyed the ones from the garden and was wanting more. It’ll be pea snack galore over the next month or so!

I’ve had a little experimentation using iPhoto on my picture of the peas. I may have got a little carried away? What do you think?


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  1. craftymadre says:

    There’s nothing like fresh peas. We just had our first of the season, too. And your photo looks like a work of art! It’s well balanced with a nice tone and the background gives it dimension.

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