The Hubby went away with friends to the Lakes last weekend. They were living dangerously, climbing rocks and diving into pools of water in the middle of nowhere. The most dangerous of activities turned out to be the decent of a flight of stairs. Four steps from the bottom, Hubby somehow fell, rendering himself unconscious and fracturing his skull.

Needless to say, it has been quite a traumatic week for us all. The doctors have said that Hubby is incredibly lucky to not have any serious brain damage, given the nature of his fracture. I can’t begin to express just what a relief it is that he is making a good recovery, and how thankful I am to our fabulous friends and family who have all been there with their help and support.

We stayed at my Mother-in-law’s when Hubby was discharged, and when he was feeling up to it, we went down to the river just by her house. It was a heart-warmingly beautiful time; the gentle ‘plop’ of pebbles as they were swallowed up by the water; the excitement on the children’s faces as they discover various bugs or interesting rocks; the lush green vegetation reflected in the still pools of water; the warm hugs from Hubby and the boys. Had Hubby not been so lucky, these times would have been missed, which I suppose has made me appreciate them even more than ever.

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