Hello folks! I’m a little sad that its been donkeys since I have had chance to blog. I logged on to have a quick read of other blogs, and discovered that I’d already typed this post, and never blooming posted it! I think I was waiting to download my photographs from the camera….But now I figure I may as well just will post it. So here it is, a post about my elderflower escapades…….


Elderflower cordial is a new one for me. I had made a mental note to give elderflowers a whirl, after making elderberry cordial last autumn. In fact, elderberry cordial was the subject of my first blog post. Of course, the mental note was soon lost in the dark abyss of my brain to join all the other lost mental notes. It was only when I came across this prettily presented elderflower cordial tutorial, by sew yeah, that the mental note made a resurgence. I love the way tutorials are styled on this blog, and this one is very pleasing to the eye – check it out through the link below…


It was my thirtieth birthday last month, and what better way to spend my day with my youngest son, than to go for a picnic in a grassy meadow, followed by elderflower foraging down an old railway route come cycle path. It was a beautifully sunshiny day, and there I was in my flouncy summer dress. I warn you now that flouncy summer dresses do not make for good foraging, as most of the elder trees are surrounded by a fortress of nettles. As always with my foraging escapades, my elderflower hunt resulted in me painfully attempting to climb, tiptoe and lean in all sorts of acrobatic positions. And as always, I needn’t have bothered because there were two elder trees abundant with flowers at the very start of the path I went down. I must walk around with blinkers on.

In the tutorial above there are some handy hints and tips, including to freeze the cordial in ice cube trays if not using citric acid. This is exactly what I did! I have been drinking mine mostly with vodka and traditional pink lemonade. I do have a couple of extra tips to add to the list, so listen up!

Pick the elderflowers on a dry day. If it’s raining, then no picky!

Don’t go foraging wearing a flouncy summer dress. Cover all flesh to protect from nettles.

Don’t pick elderflowers from next to the road- you’re looking to add the fragrance of the elderflower to your cordial, not exhaust fumes.

Elderflowers can be eaten fresh from the tree or fried in a light batter to make elderflower fritters.

Don’t over pick. Leave some to turn into berries for making cordial in the autumn.

Have you made any elderflower cordial before? What extra helpful tips would you add to the list? How do you serve yours?


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