My new bangs

Way back when, before my two delightful tiddly-pops, I used to get my hair done….a lot. These days, gone are the highly expensive colourings and frequent restyles. The first reason is quite simply never finding the time….the children always come first.  The second reason, is down to cost. If it’s a toss up between buying things for the kids or a cut and blow dry for myself, I would put the kids first. You see, I’m  nice like that!

That having been said, being completely selfless can have down sides – or more to the point, it can make Mummy Snozcumber feel a bit down. It usually takes about six months for me to get to the point of feeling like my hair looks like Wurzel Gummidge, at which point I book in for my biannual hair appointment.

Last month I reached a record 10months without a haircut! It was only the sheer panic of looking like a scruffy bridesmaid for an upcoming wedding that made me realise that perhaps I needed to do something with it.

I decided I wanted a cropped fringe, going for a ‘Bettie Bangs” look…. Check out the one and only, glamorous pin-up, Bettie Page.

The one and only Bettie Page

I’m not usually a celeb ‘follower’, but love how Nicole and Beyonce have taken on this look too!

Nicole rocking her 'bangs'

Beyonce looking fabulous (as always)

Obviously, they are all very beautiful women, so I did have a moment of crisis with my self confidence when I first had my hair done.


I did love how it looked with victory rolls and my bridesmaids dress though. Check out my little grub in his flat cap. Sweetness!

Bangs and victory rolls


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  1. Winter Owls says:

    You look gorgeous, very pinupable!

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