Our Faverolle chickens are pretty big now, especially the cockerel Claude-was-Maude. He is definitely my favourite of the two. I love the way he struts about, the beautiful colours of his feathers, his big chunky feet with the extra freaky toes, the way he protects Penny-poo who follows him everywhere, the way he pecks my hands at feeding time, the movement of his head as he watches you or tries to catch flies…. his funny drawn out half-crow….

The latter point signals to us that Claude-was-Maudes days in the Snozcumber household are numbered. That makes me sad. I have delayed getting a lady friend for Penny, just so that we can keep Claude for that bit longer…

The kids love him just as much as I do too, and for a cockerel, he is really rather friendly. I wonder if he will be as tasty?



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Yorkshire born and bred.

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