How to make rowan jellyWinter is coming , but not until Autumn has had it’s turn! (GoT reference, teehee).
Autumn is my favourite season…Okay, so maybe that’s what I say about every season at the start, but Autumn is onto a winner with its ever changing colours and foraging galore.

One of my favourite trees in autumn, for it’s ripe, vibrant orange-red berries, is the rowan tree. Hubby even bought me one for the garden a couple of years ago. I’ve always thought that the berries weren’t for gobbling. However, according to ‘Food for Free’ (my Foraging Bible), they are good for making a jelly to accompany game or lamb. Fancy that and splat!



I started with a relatively small batch of jelly, just in case. I served it with a roast shoulder of Lamb, and although I wasn’t particularly keen on it (a bit too much like marmalade for me), the Hubby and my dad loved it.

If you fancy having a go, while the berries are still fresh, here’s what to do:

1. Trim off excess stalk
2. Wash berries
3. Put berries in a pan
4. Add some chopped crab apple
5. Add water to the pan (just cover the fruit)
6. Bring to the boil
7. Simmer until mushy (help along with a spoon)
8. Add a splash of lemon juice
9. Strain through a muslin to separate juice from roughage
10. Measure liquid and add 100g caster sugar per 100ml liquid.
11. Put in a pan, boil rapidly
12. Do the usual jam on a cold plate test to check for setting
13. Decant into sterilised jars in the normal fashion, or put straight into a dish for serving if only making a small amount.


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  1. Snap! I didn’t know you could make anything from Rowan berries either, so I’m delighted to have a new berry to go foraging for (I must get hold of a copy of that book too!). I love the look of this post too – the handwriting and photos are great!

    • snozcumber says:

      I highly recommend the book. Each year I go through the book and add on a new forage-able food onto my forage wish list. This year it was rowan and hawthorn berries. One down, one to go!
      Glad you like the post, I thought I’d have a play about! X

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