Welsh tweed skirt length

Apparently it was work-life balance week last week. I didn’t know that such a thing existed! Work has definately tipped the balance lately, so last weekend I was determined to level it out! On Friday evening, I finally wallpapered the stair-risers in the hallway ( I will share this in a later post). I took time out to play with and enjoy my two beautiful boys and my darling Hubby – we had a fantastic day out at the Hepworth Museum in Wakefield.

On Saturday night, my ‘life’ mission was to make a skirt with the Welsh tweed skirt length kit that I bought last month. It came with the tweed, lining and a zip, bought from the junk shop for a bargainous £4. When I looked online, they retail at £36, so I saved 32 whole English pounds!

Late night sewing

I didn’t have a pattern, so I chose a skirt from my wardrobe to guide me. I much prefer to puzzle it out from a finished product than to use a pattern. It was a bit of a mission to get it done in one night. I knew that if I only got half way through the making, that I would probably  never get back around to finishing it, hence the dim light of gone past midnight in the picture above.

Unpicking the tacking on the zip

The zip was trickier than I expected. The lining was attached to the other side, so while I managed to get the zip in, I didn’t conceal it.

And done!

And voila, here is the finished product. I’ve worn it twice this week passed. It’s definately going to be a staple for the autumn/winter wardrobe! (I even managed to show you a sneaky peek of the stairs!)

This picture was taken just before final completion – I have since rectified the bulge on the bottom of the zip fastening!

Now it’s time to plan this weekends life balancing activities!


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  1. Can’t beat a tweed skirt for the autumn! It looks lovely. Hx

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