I grew up with a certain aversion to yellow; my somewhat jaundice complexion meant I could not wear yellow without looking like an overgrown, anaemic banana.

I was oblivious at the moment in time when I saw an icterus and my jaundice was cured. I am now surrounded by yellow; in the interior of my home, food, the children’s clothes….even MY clothes! I love yellow; From bright sunshiney yellows to the dirty, deep yellow ochres. Here are a few snippets to show how yellow has invaded my life…

yellow wallpapered stairs; yellow Russian Dolls and West German vase; yellow roasted peppers; yellow ochre tiles we dug out from a pile of rubble; freebie chair with hand knitted blanket; yellow rose suitcase that stores my wool; the boys wearing yellow in a yellow field; vintage/retro copies of National Geographic; vintage placemats with yellow horse design; a wall of yellow foam at the Barbara Hepworth Museum, Wakefield; bananas ripe for a loaf;  autumn tights from H&M; detail of vintage sewing machine.


About mrssloanqueenofscones

Yorkshire born and bred.

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  1. I’ve never been much of a fan of yellow (may be to do with being a red head?) but I could definitely be won over by those H&M tights! Lovely images – thanks for sharing the sunshine!

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