I am an addict. My habit is spiralling out of control. I’ve never heard of a Charity Shoppers Anonymous, but if there was one, I should be there. I tried to go cold turkey at the beginning of 2013. I got the sweats, palpatations, and lasted all but a week. Both my husband and I are terrible hoarders/collectors. My ‘thing’ is to collect west german vases, and 70’s retro crockery/coffee pots/tea pots/earthernware, or other kitchen nik naks. I love to find bargains in charity shops, something that is a becoming a rarity in Harrogate. Perhaps it’s a sign, as I have no more space in the house to put anything. It’s not going to stop me though.

I am also quite obsessive about other things , with food, art, crafts and textiles being some of my obsessions. I am inspired by the visual.  My degree was in Illustration with Animation (seems like donkeys years ago) where I worked a lot with textiles.

My world revolves around food. I started cooking at a young age, when I would take myself to the kitchen and bake everything out of my Mums Be-Ro cookbook. I’d pretend I was a TV chef, talking through what I was making.  Perhaps a reason why now I am a Teacher of Food. I still can not seem to stop thinking about it, talking about it or eating it….and planning for it….then making it and eating it, and then talking about it and sharing it. If my husband is ever away, I tend to have a habit of listing what I have eaten over the phone. And apparently (according to hubby) I can become much like a stroppy spoilt child when I get hungry. I also have a habit of wanting to feed others – a nickname of ‘feeder’ was put upon me during my University years.

And there you have it. My obsessions, which I will happily share with fellow obsessees, and force upon the unconverted.


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  1. Lily Wight says:

    Star Wars, animation, up-cycling, cake! So glad to have found your blog x

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